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Here For You

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  1. *God Bless You, And Be With You..
    In your time of need..
    And Always Remember
    That I Am Here For You Too
    With painting of beautiful pansies

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  2. *"I`m here for you if you need me"
    With image of storm over ocean, and prayer

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  3. *Don`t Be The Devils Sock Puppet....
    Keep the faith, things will work out....
    And remember, I too am here for you.....
    With image of angel and devil...

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  4. I`m Here For You...
    My prayers are with you..
    with floral image and quoted verse

    small image from card here
  5. *Don`t Fret About The Future..
    Turn your worries into prayers, with image of flowers
    And "I`m here for you" message

    small image from card here
  6. I Hear You Are In A Bit Of A Pickle
    Anything I can do to help?, with animated jar of pickles

    small image from card here
  7. The Lord Bless You...
    Our hearts and prayers are with you...
    If there is anything we can do to ease your burden..
    With beautiful sunset image

    small animaged image of pink roses here
  8. *Just A Note...
    To let you know you are in my prayers...
    with pretty rose

    small image of lighthouse here here
  9. *I Am Here For You..
    No matter what your decision
    with light house image

    small animated angel image here
  10. *I`m A Little Coping Angel...
    come to help you cope poem...
    with adorable animated angel

    small sunset image here
  11. *"HE" is Always There for You!
    With bible verse on image of Mt Rainier sunrise

    small image of ear with arms and legs here
  12. *If You Need Someone To Talk To..
    I`m all ears.. with cartoon image of giant ear with arms and legs

    small image of pitchers, etc here
  13. Know You Are Having A Rough Time...
    I am here for you...with image of pitchers on table

    small purple floral image here
  14. There For You
    When difficulties come our way....with pretty purple flowers

    small image of Takakkaw Falls with text here
  15. *Here For You..
    We all have our sorrows and problems...,
    and beautiful mountain stream image with rainbow

    small image of storm with text here
  16. *Praying for you...
    And reaching out to you in your time of need.

    small image of sunbeams shining through clouds with text here
  17. *God`s Love And Mine...
    Are with you always..with bible quote

    small image of orchids here
  18. *Sending Prayers Your Way
    Hoping tomorrow will be a better day..with orchid image

    small image of pink rose here
  19. I`m Here For You
    With beautiful pink rose, and poem

    small image of seahorse here
  20. Please Send Your Blessings..
    Prayer request..for family during bad times, with image of anenomes

    small animated image of man operating jackhammer here
  21. Rattled/All Shook Up?
    I`m here for you with man using animated jackhammer

    small image of lake with text here
  22. Today I Take Your Hand
    Tomorrow you may need mine...with beautiful lake image

    small animated image of puppy holding kitty here
  23. Here For You..
    With cute puppy and kitten

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"Any Thing For You" is a popular song and ballad written by Gloria Estefan
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The song appeared on their 1987 album, Let It Loose.


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