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  1. It`s Time For School To Start Again
    Summer`s almost over, fall is almost here,
    Back to school for a brand new year
    Music: "School Days" (Ring! Ring! Goes the Bell) (by the Beach Boys)

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  3. It`s Time To Go Back To School
    With poem..School bells are ringing, loud and clear;
    Vacation's over, school is here...
    With blackboard, apples and books images

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  5. *It`s Back To School Time..
    Back To School You Go
    Hope it is a good year!!!
    With child at blackboard, and animated cat drawing

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  7. *Time for school again!
    Hope you enjoyed your summer...
    And will enjoy the new school year!
    With cute teddy holding up slate board

  8. Back To School
  9. It`s Back To School Time
    Sure hope you have a good year!!

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