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    small image from card here
  1. Have You Told Your Child You Love Them Today?
    On image of adult zebra and small zebra
    Chiildren of all ages need daily reminders...
    Music: "Minuet"

    small image from card here
  2. Oh Yea....
    I did it...and I`ll do it again...
    With cute grinning kitten and
    sound clip...OH YEA

    small image from card here
  3. Thinking About Yesterday
    Oh To Be Children Again...
    And kniow what we know now...
    with image of children and poem
    "My childhood was the time when I was innocent…"
    Music..."A-Tisket, A-Tasket" (by Ella Fitzgerald)

    small image from card here
  4. If You Don`t Want My Opinion
    Don`t Ask!....With image of cat (with sound effects)
    giving a Raspberry...or Bronx Cheer
    as it is sometimes called

    small image from card here
  5. Antiquity Blues...
    Poem, with cute image of elderly lady...
    And text..What I want to know is...
    What the heck is so golden about our golden years?

    small image from card here
  6. *"Thoughts For Life"
    Such as...The greatest handicap; Fear
    The best day; Today.. Etc.

    small image from card here
  7. I Dreamed A Dream
    This is a song from the musical Les Misérables (1980)
    And is sung by Susan Boyle

    small image of crying child here
  8. Thought for Today

    Sometimes we just don`t want to share..
    With cute child and dog image

    Have you hugged your kids today? with 2 cute squirrels
  9. Have You Hugged Your Kids Today?
    A thought for today
    "A daily hug would make any of us feel more appreciated."
    With image of 2 cute squirrels.

    older lady looking for car
  10. One Of The Many Things No One Tells You About Ageing is...
    A thought for today, with cute animated images

    animated moving road image here
  11. If I Can Lighten Someones Load...
    As they travel down life`s road...a poem
    with animated road image "borrowed" from Webtv

    cute country angel image with verse People Will Forget on it
  12. Thought For Today
    People will forget...with country theme..

    Image of flowers with text here
  13. "Thought For Today"
    To the world you may be but one person
    But to one person you may be the world
    with beautiful daisies

    Don`t dwell image here
  14. A Thought For Today
    Don`t dwell on those who`ve let you down....with adorable angel image

    image of politician getting ready to kiss a baby here
  15. A Thought For Today
    Politicians and baby diapers..should be changed often..
    Both for the same reason.. with cute image

    images of candles here
  16. A Thought For Today
    Rumors are carried by haters....Ignore the rumormongers
    They are Not worth your time and attention

    image of 2 tatty teddies swinging here
  17. A Thought For Today
    Some of the most memorable people...
    loved you when you weren`t very loveable
    with cute tatty teddies

    Garfield the cat with large heart image
  18. A Thought For Today
    When You`re Looking For Love.. with animated Garfield images

    The Over The Hill And On A Roll cover
  19. Are You Over The Hill Yet?
    Cute card, with quote from Bob Phillips "Over The Hill & On A Roll Book
    .. and Have a good day!

    Native American Image here
  20. When You Were Born....
    you cried and the world rejoiced
    ~ Cherokee Expression ~ with native american artwork

    Image of flowers and butterflies here
  21. *The Advantages Of A Bad Memory
    With pretty painting of butterflies and fruit

    animated image of older lady on couch here
  22. A Question About Aging
    And some real answers..with some animation

    Heart with image of elderly couple in it here
  23. I Promise..
    to keep on living as though I expected to live forever
    With quote from Douglas MacArthur

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