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image of elderly veteran

Flag at halfmast

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  1. Memorial Day
    Remembering those who gave their all
    On pretty memorial day image
    Poem: Remember those who served before...
    Animated image of American flag
    Music: "God Bless the USA"

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  2. Memorial Day
    Poem..."In Flander`s Field...the poppy red"...
    On image of Poppy field..with
    another poem...Remember those who served before.
    Remember those who are no more...

    small image from card here
  3. Memorial Day...
    Hoping you and yours have a great Memorial Day...
    This is an unofficial beginning of summer...With picnic image..
    and "This Is My Country" being sung by Tennessee Ernie Ford

    small image from card here
  4. In Remembrance..
    A Memorial Day card.. with poem,
    (With proud thanksgiving, a mother for her children,
    America mourns for her dead across the sea.)
    glitter text, touching image..and MP3 song
    (Mansions of the Lord West Point Glee Club )

    small image from card here
  5. Have A Safe And Happy Memorial Day
    We give thanks for our military personnel,
    who made the ulitmate sacrifice for Our Freedom..

    small image from card here
  6. Happy Memorial Day
    Recounting the sacrifice of soldiers
    We will never forget..with poem..

    small image from card here
  7. The Ultimate Sacrifice..
    A Memorial Day Poem..
    Touching photo of greveing mother and child.. with sparkle text..
    They will be forever in our hearts and our minds

    small image from card here
  8. Memorial Day
    In Loving Memory Of all the men and women
    who`ve fought and died for us
    And a poem by Theodosia Pickering Garrison

    small image from card here
  9. Memorial Day
    In Loving Memory Of Those Who Gave Their All"
    With poem "Freedom is not Free"... Author: Kelly Strong

    small image from card here
  10. "A Tribute To Veterans"

    image here
  11. "Celebrate Their Memory"..
    Least We Forget..... Happy Memorial Day

    Not Forgotten
  12. Have A Safe Memorial Day
    Always remember those who have fought to keep us free
    With poem by Sir Walter Scott on image of our flag and soldiers

    This is an image of our fallen hero, Benjamin D White. coming home to Erwin TN USA
  13. *Commiseration..(Memorial Day)
    This is a poem written to the parent/parents of a fallen hero
    by someone who felt their pain tho they knew them not
    With image of Air Force Senior Airman Benjamin D White coming home

    Image of child holding flag here
  14. *God Bless Them All..(Memorial Day)
    With poem "At Arlington today" and image of sad little girl holding a flag
    as they bring a fallen hero home to rest...

    May your Memorial Day be filled with loving memories
  15. *Memorial Day
    Poem...Freedom in America isn't really free
    Hope your Memorial Day is filled with loving memories

    old fashion image here
  16. *Memorial Day Poem
    With oldfashion image of small boy placing flag on grave

    Image of service men on flag background here
  17. *In Flanders fields....
    A poem by Lt. Col. John Macrae...
    Have A Good Memorial Day.. And...Hug A Vet And Thank Them Today Too..
    With animated seals of military organizations

Flag at halfmast

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The music used on this page is..
"Taps" (MP3)
This emotive and powerful Taps was adopted throughout the military.
In 1874 It was officially recognized by the U.S. Army.
It became standard at military funeral ceremonies in 1891.
There is something singularly beautiful and appropriate in the music of this wonderful call.
Its strains are melancholy, yet full of rest and peace.
Its echoes linger in the heart long after its tones have ceased to vibrate in the air.

For more info on this song check out Wikipedia

While there are no official lyrics for Taps,
the following unofficial verse (author unknown)
is often used for Taps

Day is done, gone the sun,
From the lake, from the hills, from the sky;
All is well, safely rest, God is nigh.