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Any Card Marked With An Asterisk *
Is a re-worked card from my old site
Still have lots to re-do

NEW August 29, 2014

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  1. *Happy Birthday Baby Girl
    Cute birthday verse, with swinging teddy bear

    small image from card here
  2. *A Sympathy Card..
    With poem "I Did Not Die"..
    Our love and prayers are with you..
    and pretty magnolia blossom

    small image from card here
  3. *Child`s Happy Birthday Card..
    With verse.."Birthday time is party time"
    And sparkling presents held by Tatty Teddy

    small image from card here
  4. *Congratulations
    On Your New Grandchild..
    The only thing better than having a child of your own,
    is having a grandchild..
    With image of adorable teddy baby

    small image from card here
  5. *Thinking Of You Today And Always
    With scene from Wyoming.. with prayer on it

    small image from card here
  6. *Just A Note To Let You Know..
    I`m thinking of you and hoping you have a wonderful day!
    With golden butterfly and roses

    small image from card here
  7. *Thinking Of You Today...
    With poem
    (Somewhere there`s someone who dreams of your smile)
    and image of pond and barn

    small image from card here
  8. *"Thoughts For Life"
    Such as...The greatest handicap; Fear
    The best day; Today.. Etc.

    small image from card here
  9. *The Lord Extends His Gracious Hand
    To those in desperate need..
    Let`s be open to the helping hand He extends.
    With pretty mountain topped with snow

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