pretty lighthouse image with text...Always count your blessings

However much I have to do,
However hard I strive,
I always tell myself that I
Am glad to be alive.

My heart is grateful for the sun
That keeps my body warm,
And for the comforts of this earth
Against whatever storm.

I have my friends and family to cheer me up
And books to read at night
With boundless beauty to behold,
Whenever stars are bright.

I have enough to eat and drink,
And clothes enough to wear;
A normal mind and healthy lungs
To breathe the best of air.

So why should I object when I
Have this my job to do,
As long as I have everything
To help me see it through?

James J. Metcalfe

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"The Lighthouse"
Performed by "The Happy Goodman Family" (2001)
Written by: Ronnie Hinson in 1970
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