Animated autumn image of scarecrow...with text...Good Morning


The world is full of colour!
`Tis Autumn once again
And leaves of gold and crimson
Are lying in the lane.

There are brown and yellow acorns,
Berries and scarlet haws,
Amber gorse and heather
Purple across the moors!

Green apples in the orchard,
Flushed by a glowing sun;
Mellow pears and brambles
Where coloured Pheasants run!

Yellow, blue and orange,
Russet, rose and red---
A gaily-coloured pagant--
And Autumn flower bed.

Beauty of light and shadow,
Glory of wheat and rye,
Colour of shining water
Under a sunset sky!

Hope you enjoy this beautiful Autumn day!

small image of scarecrow here

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You are listening to
"La fille aux cheveux de lin"
This is a musical composition by French composer Claude Debussy.
It is the eighth piece in the composer's first book of Préludes,
written between late 1909 and early 1910.
The title is in French and translates roughly to "The Girl with the Flaxen Hair".
The recording used here was preformed by:
Richard Stoltzman and the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra

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