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O Winter`s a beautiful time of the year.
There`s frost on the hills,
There`s snow in the air.
The buds are all still,
The boughs are all bare...

That little girl I use to know
Is warmly dressed from top to toe,
Her hands are hidden in her muff,
I wonder if she`s warm enough!

Hope you stay warm..
And have a Wonderful day!!!

Snowman line here
Poem.. "Winter" Enid Blyton

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"Snow Bird"
"Snowbird" is a song by the Canadian songwriter Gene MacLellan
(1970) It was Anne Murray’s American Top 40 debut
and the song that launched her career.
It was a no. 1 smash in Canada and a no. 8 U.S. smash.
“Snowbird” holds the distinction of being the first gold record
ever given to a Canadian singer in the U.S.