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Kind words are sparkling diamonds
adding beauty, warmth and sending rays
of light to those lost in a sea of

Though a kind word is like a sparkling
it costs nothing to give away

Kind words unspoken are the costliest of all
for the would-be sender never sees the
face of a faltering soul light up
with joy and hope.

A kind word is like honey, spreading
sweetness everywhere it goes.
Bitterness cannot keep company with
those who have tasted the honey of
a kind word.

A kind word drops gently, ever so gently
like dew on the early morning grass

Kind words are like bread cast upon the
water that return to bless the sender over
and over again.

Kind words are eternal. Not even death has
the power to halt a kind word.

Why is this so?

Kind words are the language of heaven.
Would you bring a bit of heaven to earth?

It is as simple as speaking a kind word to your
neighbor and to yourself!

Rev Harold R. Nelson
April 2001

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Poem used on this page found at Heart Poetry

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