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My friend I know youíre hurting
with sorrow deep and true;
I wish that there was something
I could do for you.

To simply say ~ Iím sorry
just doesnít seem to be;
Enough to adequately express
my heartfelt sympathy.

Night has fallen on your heart
and cast a shadow long;
Your world now changed forever
because your beloved friend is gone.

You lost a family member
who was loved like all the rest;
A loyal, loving companion
who always gave their best.

But time will heal your broken heart
though it may take awhile;
Sweet memories will replace the loss
and youíll think of them and smile.

They`ve crossed the Rainbow Bridge, my friend
and will never be alone;
They`re carefree and contented now
in their new celestial home.

My heart goes out to you in this time of sorrow

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"Precious Memories" Midi
This is a traditional gospel hymn credited to J.B.F. Wright in 1925.
J. B. F. Wright was born in Tennessee, February 21, 1877


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