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Godparents are like angels on the ramparts
Overlooking children in their care,
Doing out of pleasure their assigned parts,
Placed by Providence to stand guard there.
All of us need parents of the spirit
Residing at the borders of our lives,
Eager guardians we need not merit,
Nurturing a nature that survives.
The soul must see before it understands,
Shaped well or ill by those whose deeds are hands.

Thank you for always being there.
And for always caring.
I Love you!

hearts herehearts herehearts here
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You are listening to
"Wind Beneath My Wings" Midi
(sometimes titled "The Wind Beneath My Wings" and "Hero")
This song was written in 1982
Recorded by: Gary Morris
from the album: Why Lady Why
Released: 1983
Length: 4:40
Label: Warner Bros.
Writers: Larry Henley and Jeff Silbar
Producer: Jimmy Bowen


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