May God Bless Thy Easter

How blessed is this day,
when earth and heaven are joined
and humankind is reconciled to God!

May the light of Jesus shine continually
to drive away all darkness.
May Christ, the Morning Star who knows no setting,
find his light ever burning in our hearts
—he who gives his light to all creation,
and who lives and reigns for ever and ever.


cross here
* * *

Prayer -- adapted from the Book of Common Prayer -1979,
the Protestant Episcopal Church
in the United States of America.

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You are listening to
Christ The Lord Has Risen Today
sung by the Joslin Grove Choral Society
Most of the stanzas were written by Charles Wesley,
and the hymn appeared under the title "Hymn for Easter Day"
in Hymns and Sacred Poems by Charles and John Wesley in 1739.
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